Book “Genocide against the Romans and Slavs” Author: Bozidar Mitrovic, Moskwa, Bozidar Mitrovic, 1999 Slovenian dictionary: desert ideology, technology, property genocide against the Romans and Slavs, the theory of long wars, and Hazaras Khazars, Khazar first military coup in 1917. in St. Petersburg, False Dmitry, communists, economic model Raisa, Roman law.

RasSiya (Russia/KoloVenia) The most ancien civilization and the Serbian miracle workers book format: 72 mm х 72 mm

Souvenir and circles of history diameter of circle 5.2 cm diameter of box 5.5 cm Proof of the true meaning of the word SlaVs, with visual evidence in the Boretsk and Mezen style of painting.

The book “Claims in International Trade” Author: Bozidar Mitrovic Moscow, Legal Literature, 1991 The book is meant in the former Soviet Union back to the Greco-Roman law, which is the main modern and ancient European civilization.

The reconstruction of St. Savva’s cathedral in Russia Author: Bozzidar Midrovic Dr.LawSci. Languare: Russian, Serbian, English

RasSiya (Russia/KoloVenia) The most ancient civilization and the Serbian miracle workers  Autor: Bozzidar Mitrovic Belgrade , 2006.